Lockable Gas Springs

Lockable gas springs, also called adjustable gas springs, controllable gas springs, blocking gas springs, use a mechanism that allows the shaft to be locked in any position at any time by the actuation of a plunger extending from the shaft. When the plunger is released, the shaft locks its position; and when the plunger is pushed down, the shaft moves normally.

Because of such property, lockable gas springs are used in many industries. Such as, automobile industry, furniture industry, medical industry, etc.

Automobile Industry

Furniture Industry

Medical Industry

As a professional adjustable gas spring manufacturer, Yeswin has successfully developed a variety of high quality adjustable gas springs.

D1(mm) D2(mm) LE(mm) LS(mm) F1(N)
10 24 200~800 50~300 100~600
10 26 200~800 50~300 100~600
10 28 200~800 50~300 100~600

Shaft Material: 45# carbon steel
Tube Material: 20# carbon steel
Shaft Treatment: Black Nitride, Chromeplate
Tube Treatment: Black Paint

Locking force:

  Elastic lockable gas springs Elastic lockable gas springs
Extension Direction 2000~3000N 2000~4000N
Compression Direction 2000~3500N 2000~7000N

Advantages of Yeswin lockable gas springs:

- Strict inspection: 100% two times,
- Low defective rate: 0.3%,
- Long life time: 30,000 cycles guarantee,
- Wide temperature range: -30°C ~ +80°C,
- Operation and installation are easy,
- Operation is smooth,
- Storage in any position,
- Special maintenance is not necessary.

Advantages of Yeswin:

- ISO9001:2008 certified,
- OEM & ODM services,
- Strong R&D abilities,
- Competitive prices,
- Fast delivery,
- Good & professional services.