Fitness Gas Struts

Because of obvious advantages, gas springs are widely used in fitness industry, such as.


Tanning beds

Especially, Yeswin is specialized in self locking gas springs for treadmills, and Yeswin has unique patented piston structure for such gas springs. Self locking gas springs, also called safety lock gas struts, are different from common compression gas springs, they have an external mechanical locking system. A support tube is fitted on the shaft end which pivot out, when the gas spring reaches the fully extended position. If the external load exceeds the gas spring force, the tube will support itself on the front side of the pressure tube thus preventing the shaft from compressing. To release the locking, the support tube must be removed from the locking position. Usually, such gas springs are used for lifting treadmills' decks.

As a professional self locking gas spring manufacturer, Yeswin has successfully developed a variety of high quality self locking gas springs for treadmills. Now, almost 60% Chinese treadmill companies use Yeswin self locking gas springs.

Below are main technical specifications of Yeswin self locking gas springs.
D1(mm) D2(mm) LE(mm) LS(mm) F1(N)
10 22 400~1000 150~400 100~1100
Shaft Material: 45# carbon steel
Tube Material: 20# carbon steel
Shaft Treatment: Black Nitride, Chromeplate
Tube Treatment: Black Paint

Advantages of Yeswin self locking gas springs:

- Patented products,
- Strict inspection: 100% two times,
- Low defective rate: 0.3%,
- Long life time: 30,000 cycles guarantee,
- Wide temperature range: -30°C ~ +80°C,
- Operation and installation are easy,
- Operation is smooth,
- Storage in any position,
- Special maintenance is not necessary.

Advantages of Yeswin:

- ISO9001:2008 certified,
- OEM & ODM services,
- Strong R&D abilities,
- Competitive prices,
- Fast delivery,
- Good & professional services.